So What I Am A Rockstar

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[Tango faux leather jacket, The X Shop corset, tulle skirt from Japan]

Photography by: Karlo Silvestre

I think this look is the epitome of my style: rock chic with a touch of daintiness (thus the pink tulle skirt).

A few of my blockmates even told me that their first impression of me was that I was like, a tough chic, from the eyeliner to the clothes and the boots and all. But then they said that that was only a FIRST impression.. damn. Should’ve played into that rep for a bit longer HAHA.

Wait, let me just get my BADASS ELECTRIC GUITAR for my rock gig…
Nah, just kidding. I couldn’t even sing to save my life, let alone play any instrument. Okay maybe I know a little bit of flute…but does that count? HAHA.

On a totally unrelated note though, if you were one of my close friends (unluckily for you..HAHA) you would know the tough stuff I went and am going through right now. Unfortunately, I think the theme song of my college life would be “Mean” by Taylor Swift (I’M HER #1 FAN BTW). Being sheltered from these kinds of people in my highschool life, it really was a shock to actually mingle with these mean people and be the butt of their jokes and the victim of their atrocity. It was almost unreal, before I’d think “I’d never be the victim of such things because I’m not doing anything really spiteful to people” but as it turns out, being you is more than enough reason. I guess what I learned so far is that there will ALWAYS be people like this, whether they are driven by mere spite or insecurities or whatever reason, it doesn’t matter. If you’re being yourself, doing what you love, being with the people you love and who have your back, as long as you’re not hurting anybody, you have nothing to lose. They’re not worth your time. If you love yourself, show it by being true to who you really are, no matter what they say.


Without wax,

The Andrea

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