Japanese School Girl

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[Evita Peroni headband, from Japan blouse and shoes, H&M Japan leather skirt]

Photography by: Karlo Silvestre

I am very proud to say that this outfit is 99.9% authentic japanese (the .1% being the headband because it came from Evita Peroni here in the Phil.)! If you think this outfit is stylish, which I do hehehe *strokes own ego* I must tell you that this does not even come thisclose to the stylishness of them Japs. No, it just doesn’t. In all the countries I’ve been to in Asia, nothing will ever compare to Japan, from the landscapes, the buildings, the cities, THE FOOD and most especially the fashion. It is on a whole new level of magnificence.

As an anime-obsessed kid, theirs was the epitome of style I was trying to emulate but failed miserably so.

A leather skirt is a must have for any girl’s closet since it’s a very versatile piece and adds edge to any outfit!

Oh and if you’re going to that land of milk and honey, if you want to witness a fashion show for free, just go to the train station at rush hour and behold the magnificence of Japanese culture of fashion.

Without Wax,

The Andrea

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